The Chicago Drum Show is the world's largest and longest-running event of it's kind. It is a swap-meet, a drum expo, and an entertainment event. There are clinics, demonstrations, raffles, classes, and over 30,000 square feet of exhibits: New, used, vintage and custom drums, cymbals, and related accessories.


May 21 & 22, 2016

The Chicago Drum Show is moving! The 26th show will be at the Odum Expo Center in Villa Park.




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Benny Greb 2016 Clinician

Kofi Baker 2016 Clinician

Kim Thompson 2016 Clinician

John Blackwell
2016 Clinician

John Blackwell



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2015 Show

2015 Show Program

Coming Soon: post-show press release

Show Photos:
Clare Graham Photos

Tabitha Calhoun Photos
Dave Simms Photos

  2015 Raffle Winners:
8992459 Lawrence Gosman
8992477 Michael Scalia
8992316 Brett Wamsley
8992661 Brett Wanskey
8992715 Dave Mattacks
8993144 Steve Morris
8993145 David Anfuso (WFL III snare drum, David donated to young attendee)
8993188 Brian Pettry
8993194 Murray Gornall (not present, drum shipped)
8993378 Rob Gilboe (not present, drum shipped)
8993527 Winnie Mensink
8993675 Ronnie Frakes (DW Snare Drum)
8993851 Roy Horton
8993902 Jeff Saathoff (Kumu Snare Drum)
8994173 Tommy Maras (Craviotto Snare Drum)
7492368 Scott Belkowski
7492527 Bruce Sims (Jenkins Martin Snare Drum)


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