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Time left to the 25th Chicago Drum Show!

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25th Annual Chicago Drum Show
May 15,16,17 2015

Kane County Fairgrounds, St Charles, Illinoisd

A REBEATS production. For more info, contact Rob Cook at 989-463-4757 rob@rebeats.coms

The Chicago Drum Show is the world's largest and longest-running event of it's kind. It is a swap-meet, a drum expo, and an entertainment event. There are clinics, demonstrations, raffles, classes, and over 30,000 square feet of exhibits: New, used, vintage and custom drums, cymbals, and related accessories.


Register in advance, pay at check-in. To register, email




Bring your old gear, we will try to sell it for you in our consignment area. Click here for details on the consignment policies.


Watch for additional Clinician announcements; some of our artists are still working out their tour and studio calendars for 2015.

Dave Mattacks

Bob Henrit

Unofficial Exhibitor list, 2015: Amedia Cymbals, Ken Anderson & Susan Jevens, Baker Drums, Baltimore Drum Company, Beat Boogie Drums, BeMEiiUP STUFF, Boom Alley Drums, Rob Birenbaum & Marty Monson, Bum Wrap Drums, Bun E Carlos & Randy Rainwater, Carolina Classics, Carolina Drumworks, Chicago’s #1 Drum Lessons, Chicago Custom Percussion, Chicago Drum and Restoration, Chicago Drum Exchange, Classic Drummer, Cold Mountain Drums, Ct. Pro Percussion, Cooper Percussion, Cooper’s Vintage Drums, Crash Boom Bam, Craviotto Drum Company, Crescent Cymbals, Andy Crisler, Custom Tank Drums, Cymclip, Damon Drum Company, daVille Drumworks, Detroit Custom Drum Company, Drugan's Drums, DrumClip External Drum Ring Control, Drum Factory, Drum Supply House,, Drumtone, Dynamicx Drums USA, Ellis Drum Shop, Evans, Fugate Instruments, Gauger Percussion, Explorer’s Percussion, Great Lakes Trader, Guitar Center, Hit Drum, Holland Drums, Holloman Custom Drums, Nick Hopkin Drums, Humes & Berg, JC’s Drummin Music, J.D. Music, J.D.’s Drum & Percussion Enterprises, JamTec, Jenkins-Martin Drum Company, Jorma & Sven, Kelly Shu, Klash Drums, Jim Krutz, Kumu Drums, Tony Lewis, Ludwig Drum Company, Joe Luoma, MCD Percussion, Matt’s Vintage Drums, Steve Maxwell, McCourt's Music, Mid Atlantic Drum, Jim Murray, NotSoModernDrummer, Tim O’Hara, Past Time Drums, Pearl Drum Company, Phoenix Drumshop, Pintech, PLAYDRUMS, David Poradzisz, Power Wrist Builders, RB Drumsticks, RBH Drum Company, Rathkamp Drums, Rebeats, RimRiserUSA,Rockin Rudy, Lee Ruff, Sabian, Anthony Scott, Chuck Scalia, Bob Sharp, Skins N Tins, Southern Thumb Music, The Steelpan Store, Sticks N Tones, Stone Custom Drum, Taye Drums, ThunderEcho, Trick Drums, Unix, Vintage Cymbals, Xcel Sticks, Yamaha, Zildjian, Frank Zumwalt & Andy Dwyerank Zumwalt & Andy Dwyer,


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Drum Show Souvenirs: The sticker (left) is 5"x5" UV coated, ideal for road cases, etc. There are no more show t-shirts left, we sold out at the show.

Drum show stick keyring $3.00 shipping included; paypal to or go to Ebay

Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 South Randall Rd, St Charles, Illinois Note: Do NOT ship to this address! Click on exhibitor info for details on shipping materials to the show.

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