2016 Show Follow-up:

A note from Rob Cook: This year we announced a strategic partnership with Classic Drummer Hall of Fame. I'd like to thank Steve Bryant and his great staff for all they have done for the show already: promotional assistance, site design, content production for the show's digital signage and much more. Watch for more CDHOF involvement in 2017!

2016 Show Follow Up:
Post Show Press Release
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2016 Show Program

Video Clips from 2016 Show:
Jim Messina Interviews
Vintage Drums Talk



2017 Chicago Drum Show
May 20 & 21, 2017
Odeum expo Center, Villa Park, Illinois

exhibitors confirmed for 2017: AE Drums, A&F Drums, Amedia Cymbals, Beat Boogie Drums, Billy Baker, Bemeiiup Stuff, Eric Binder's Vintage Drums, , Bum Wrap Drum Co., Canopus, Bun E Carlos & Randy Rainwater, Doug Carrington, Chicago Drum, Chicago's #1 Drum Lessons, Ct. Pro Percussion, Cooper Campbell & Curotto, Crash Bam Boom, Craviotto Drum Co., Custom Tank Drums, Cymbal Planet, Cympad, D'Addario (Evans), DaVille Drumworks, Les DeMerle, Doc Sweeney Drums, Drugan's Drums & Guitars, Drum Factory, Drum Supply House, Drumtone, Gary Dulock, Ronn Dunnett, Dynamicx, Steve Eaton, Freestyle Vintage Drums, Guitar Center, Hit Drum, Holland Drums, Nick Hopkins, Humes & Berg, Independant Drum Lab, Infinity Drumworks, JC's Drum Center of Detroit, Joyful Noise/Bent Tree Innovations, KissTheDrummerMusic, L.A. Backbeat, Keith Larsen, Tony Lewis, Lowboy Beaters, Ludwig Drum Company, Joe Luoma, Matt's Vintage Drums,Larry Matthews, Maxwell Drums, McCourt's Music, John Medina Jr., Jim Murray, NotSoModernDrummer, Tim O'Hara, Out Of The Drawer Percussion, Palmetto Drum Co., PinchClip, Playdrums, David Paradisz, Parra Drums, Power Wrist Builders, RB Drum Sticks, rbh Drums, RCD Vintage Drums, Chuck Reece, RimRiser, Lee Ruff, Sabian, Chuck Scalia, Bob Sharp, Sidekick Drums, Sonor, Southern Thumb Music, Sticks & Tins, Stone Drum Co., TRX Cymbals, Trick Drums, Vintage Cymbals (Bill Hartrick), WFL III Drums, Xcel Sticks, Yamaha, Zildjian, Frank Zumwalt & Andy Dwyer


. Watch this space for the exhibitor diagram and other show details.

2017 Exhibitor Registration Form


Odeum Exhibitors Service Manual


Where to stay


Roundtable: "The Postcard Project: A Snapshot of Drumming Life, 1900-1930" with Daniel Glass, Kelli Rae Tubbs, Denny Brown, and Matt Brennan

Jim Riley
Clinic and Master Class

Sponsored by: Ludwig, Gibraltar, Sabian, Vater, Remo, LP, and Shure


Gregg Bissonette
Clinic and Master Class

Sponsored by: Dixon, Zildjian, DW, Remo, Firth, Audix, XL, Beato, LP


Gary Astridge: Ringo Gear Presentation

Jeff Davenport: Remo Tuning Presentation

Clinic and Master Class:

Aldo Mazza

Clinic and Master Classes:

Jim Payne, Jab'o Starks, Clyde Stubblefield


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